The Way We Wore Gallery

What does clothing and jewellery tell us about Irish history?

Become a fashion detective - trace the development of Irish society through clothing and jewellery in exhibition.

At the Museum

Explore the exhibition on your own or book a workshop in the gallery where you and your class can learn through examining and touching handling objects like shoes and corsets.

The workshop can cater for up to 30 students by splitting larger groups as we try to provide one museum educator for every 15 students. Contact us here to book the workshop.

The Way We Wore - Hands On Workshop

The workshop is based on ‘The Way We Wore: 250 years of Irish Clothing and Jewellery’ exhibition.

The workshop combines a gallery talk with a hands-on session with one of the Museum's education staff. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of themes which link to the Primary SESE History curriculum:

  • A comparison of “rich and poor”, 
  • Changes over time in manufacturing in 19th century Ireland versus the global mass production of today
  • How our clothes can communicate messages about who we are and what we do 

Key Curriculum Strands

SESE History

  • Working as an Historian
  • Time and Chronology
  • Using Evidence
  • Communication
  • Continuity and Change Over Time
  • Life Society Work and Culture

Visual Art

  • Fabric and Fibre
  • Construction
  • Print
  • Drawing

Maximum: 15 per group. Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

Bringing your class in on your own?

This gallery is a great resource for learning about social and economic history, with lots of links to the History and Art curriculum.  Teachers are welcome to bring groups on self-guided visits but you must book your visit through the Bookings Office.

To make your booking contact us here.  Groups who arrive unannounced may find that they can't visit the galleries they want to see.

Follow these steps on how to get the most out of a self-directed visit.

In The Classroom

Back in the Classroom - We suggest you and your class can:

  • Design a modern version of a costume you've seen in the exhibition.
  • Create a Way We Wore Timeline, using clothing to track the changes in Irish history, linking it up with key dates in your history book
  • Imagine a conversation between two of the people from different periods eg, Maria Sweeney in the blue silk dress, in 19th Century room and Mrs Hugh Kennedy, wearing the neo-celtic revival outfit in the last gallery. Act out the conversation or write a letter to the other person in character.
  • Make a poster advertising some of the accessories like shoes or jewellery in the exhibition.
For more tips, see our guide on how to plan a visit.


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* For tours and workshops, the maximum number of students per group is 30.

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