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Explore a Viking Chest Workshop


Museum workshops using handling objects are designed to meet the needs of a range of learning styles and provide opportunities to handle high-quality objects.

Object-based learning encourages students to use and develop a range of skills including language and listening skills and critical thinking skills. Workshops also:

  • Demonstrate the importance of multiple perspectives
  • Develops ability for reflection and problem solving
  • Encourage students to think as archaeologists, through hands-on, object-based learning.

On this workshop you can:

  • Examine actual raw flint, ancient amber and amber beads
  • Try replica Viking clothes, helmets and jewellery on for size
  • Handle replica Viking weapons based on those found in Dublin
  • Explore Viking boat building and rope making techniques
  • See examples of some of the first coins ever minted in Ireland

Class Level: 1st to 6th class

Maximum: 30 per group. Duration: one hour.

Curriculum Links

Viking costume
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art, Craft & Design
  • English-Language/Oral/Listening Skills
  • SPHE

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For tours and workshops, the maximum number of students per group is 30.

Duration of tours and workshops is approx. 45 minutes.

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