CoBD – Collections-Based Biology in Dublin

This was a collaboration with staff of the School of Biology and Environmental Science of University College Dublin. The museum and university staff provide a course for final year students that included museum curation and research. The project saw the cataloguing of 40,000 specimens, and improved access to collections for researchers. The college course and our work with adult education won the Best Access and Outreach Initiative in the Museum of the Year Awards 2004.  You can visit the CoBiD website hereLinks to external website.

Invertebrate Ireland Online

This is a collaboration with staff of the Ulster Museum and a number of other partners. Our aim is provide online checklists for the invertebrate fauna of Ireland. These lists summarise the species of insects, spiders, slugs and other small animals that make up the majority of our island fauna.  You can visit Invertebrate Ireland Online hereLinks to external website.

Taxidermy Restoration 

Since 2003 staff have been working with a taxidermy company to restore exhibits in the Natural History Museum. You can see their work online hereLinks to external website.

Irish Cetacean Genetic Tissue Bank

Irish whales and dolphins that get stranded around our shores are being sampled in order collect DNA. This helps to understand cetacean populations in our waters. The work is done in partnership with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.  You can visit the website hereLinks to external website. 
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