Resource Areas- Natural History

Discovery Zone family

Discovery Zone

This open space in the Museum is the only place where students are encouraged to touch objects, find scary creatures and get face to face with a wolf. No booking of this space is required and it is accessed on a first come, first served basis.


NH DiscoveryZone

The Life Aquatic Discovery Cart

Contents includes a smelly pilot whale skull, tadpoles and a frog, a dolphin skull and lots of freshwater creepy crawlies.



Life on Land Discovery Cart

Contents include a snarling wolf, a badger, bird skulls and a large hairy tarantula.

Reading Area

Reading Room used by students

This quiet corner of the Museum is stocked with reference books, where children can find out more about the animals that they have just seen.

Please note this area is on the first floor and we apologise that it is not wheelchair accessible.

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