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Visit the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, and spend time with Eileen Gray, Albert Bender, Patrick Pearse and others.


Explore the exhibitions and collections through a range of learning opportunities...

Take a guided tour or participate in a hands-on workshop.

Tours and workshop information can be found in our Schools Programmes:

Meet a Museum Educator.

Teachers can talk to a member of the Museum’s Education team in person at the Museum or over the phone in advance of their visit to the Museum.

The Museum’s educators can help teachers prepare for their visits by providing information, expert knowledge and resources on the Museum’s exhibitions, as well as advice on pre- and post-visit activities and tips on how to bring groups around the Museum.

Contact bookings to make an appointment.

Take a self-directed visit.

School Tour through Understanding 1916 Gallery

Self-directed visits enable teachers to focus on specific curriculum needs using a visit to the Museum as a springboard for discussion, project work, and engagement with students. 

This type of visit also gives you the opportunity to spend as much time as you want on artefacts of your choosing.

should you wish to bring a school group to the Museum on a self-directed visit, please give advance notice of your visit, so that we can accommodate your group size.

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Work through teacher packs and activity sheets.

We have developed teacher packs and activity sheets to support teachers who take Self-Directed Visits. Please contact the Education Department to find out more about the Packs and discuss which worksheets would be most suitable for your class.

Get to grips with handling collections.

Secondary Boys

The Barracks Life Room provides students with opportunities to explore what life in the Barracks was like as a soldier in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

There is a detailed reconstruction of how a barracks room would have looked in 1879 and 1943, and contains areas where students can try on costumes and handle objects, as well as explore history using computer interactives.

Check the School Calendars above for details.

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Utilise the Education Resource Room.

The Education Resource Room is an ideal activity and research space for your class.

The room has books, handling artefacts, interactive activities, multimedia packages, and limited Internet access.

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Group Bookings

Please note at least two week's notice is required when requesting a tour or self guided visit and booking is essential.

We provide free guided tours and workshops for education/ interest and community groups, all other groups should book self guided visits.

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Language School Groups

  • The Museum welcomes group visits by Institutes that cater for students of English as a foreign language.  
  • Currently we are unable to provide guided tours for Language Schools so all visits are self-directed.
  • Please note that the Group Leader is asked to remain with the group at all times and we recommend the ratio of leaders to students is 1 to 15.
  • We would recommend that all group who are on self directed visit do some preparatory work in the classroom, have tasks to complete during their visit and do post visit work back it the classroom. 
  • Download and read ourLanguage School Visit Policy language school policy 10.12.08-decartshistory.pdf (0.07 MB, Adobe PDF) before your visit.
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Visitor Vox Pop

Decorative Arts & History Visitor Vox Pop Image
There's a huge amount of history here, and of course its a free museum, so it's just amazing...there's furniture, there's history, there's military..."

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