Museum Tours

Tours 45-60 minutes; check here for group sizes

Infant Classes:

Junior General Tour

Junior Housing Tour

Primary Level:

Fact or Fiction Tour:

Which guide is telling the truth and which one is making it up? You decide!

Nature Ramble:

What are the seasons, how do they affect trees, plants and animals? Learn to identify trees.

Primary, Secondary & Third Level

General Tour (also available as Gaeilge)

Introduction to Turlough Park House. Life in 19th century rural Ireland told through the award winning exhibitions.

General Tour with a focus on one of the following:

Activities in the Home; Working on Land and Water; Trades; Cycle of Life; Seasonal Calendar; Historical Context

New: Temporary Exhibition Focus:

Check here for information on our latest exhibitions

Housing in the last 100 years:

Housing styles, materials and techniques


Natural resources and recycling in the past

Saints, Patterns & Patrons:

Did you that St. Kevin is the patron saint of blackbirds? The lives, legends and legacies of Irelands holy men and women

Celtic Revival and Cultural Nationalism:

The growth of cultural nationalism in the late 19th century

Discover Primary Science

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