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Tour of Gold exhibition looking at Lunala

Our workshops, tours and resources are:

  • Linked to the Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate syllabus
  • Created to help your students expand their knowledge, gain understanding and new skills
  • Designed by our experienced education team
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Viking Chest Contents
Explore a Viking Chest Workshop

Investigate the contents of a Viking chest and handle replica swords, helmets and ancient amber!

Male Viking Costume
Handling Collections

Try a hands-on approach with our diverse handling collection!

Ardagh Chalice (underside)
Top Ten Tour

Explore 7,000 years of Irish history through 10 exciting artefacts including the gold lunula, Tara Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice

Viking Sword found on a cránnog at Ballinderry, Co, Westmeath. Ninth century A.D.
Viking Ireland

Discover more about the Vikings who founded Dublin, from warrior graves to ice-skates made from bone

Gold lunula from Rossmore Park, Co.  Monaghan
Prehistoric Ireland

Discover the archaeology of Ireland's earliest people on this chronological journey which takes you from the Mesolithic to the Late Bronze Age.

Egypt Classroom Poster
Ancient Egypt

Experience the life, death and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.

Bog body hand
Kingship & Sacrifice: Bog Bodies

Discover Iron Age finds from Irish wetlands including bog butter and the mysterious 2,000 year old bog bodies

Printing Press
Art and Archaeology Workshops

Go potty for Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery or make your mark in a Printmaking Session!

Replica of the Monasterevin Sword
Medieval Ireland

Discover the challenges of wearing chain mail, what a puzzle jug was and other resources for learning about Medieval Ireland.

Golden Boat
History of Art

Trace the development of art in Ireland through objects in the Museum.

Gold gorget, Gleninsheen, Co. Clare, one of the finest of its type to have been discovered. Late Bronze Age.
More topics...

Rites of Passage at Tara || Ór - Ireland's Gold || Ceramic & Glass from Ancient Cyprus || Life and Death in Roman World

Back of the 'Tara' Brooch, Eighth century A.D.
General and Specialised Tours

Introduce students to the collections and key objects within the museum.

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For tours and workshops, the maximum number of students per group is 30.

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