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Traditional Music Song & Dance Project

Fashion, Music & Social Networking

Are your students interested in fashion, music, interior design or social networking? If so, why not take them back in time to find out if these are really modern concepts or whether things weren’t so different 150 years ago.

We understand that teaching Junior and Leaving certificate leaves little opportunity for any time out of the classroom that isn’t productive or that doesn’t meet the requirements of the curriculum.

Each year we consult with post primary teachers so that we can offer you and your students a worthwhile visit that supports classroom teaching in an imaginative and beneficial way.

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If you have a special project in mind; why not talk to us about the possibility of working together. Our collections have a practical application in many curriculum areas including;

History - Geography - English & Irish - Home Economics Art & Design - Construction studies - Music - Religion

Transition Year

In adddition to tours and activities we run an annual week-long Traditional Music, Song and Dance project

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Exhibition Topics

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Guns from Irish History Workshop
The Times Level B

This exhibition provides historical context of the immediate post-Famine period, the Land War, the Land League and Home Rule agitation of the late 19th Century, and the final resolution of the land question in post-independent Ireland.

Patrick Gately, raft maker and James G. Delaney, Irish Folklore Commission beside a rush raft made for fishing and fowling on the River Suck in Co. Roscommon, 1962.
The Natural Environment Level B

How the way of life in rural Ireland was influenced by the landscape and its resources.

Stave-built vessel with extending handle made by Edward (Ned) Gavin of Ballinagh, County Cavan
Trades and Crafts Level C

This exhibition contains the objects relating to the various skills practiced in rural Ireland between 1850 and 1950.

Making cultivation ridges at Muckross House Traditional Farms, Killarney, Co Kerry, 1980s
Working on Land and Water Level C

Explores the activities of farmers and fishermen and examine the various trades that supported them.

Spinning Wheels and clothes drying near the hearth at Weaver's House, Teelin Co. Donegal
Activities in the Home Level C

Living in a country home: building, maintaining and furnishing a house, feeding and clothing the family, and the various activities associated with these processes including trades, craftsmen and craftswomen.

St. Brigid's Cross, South Ulster
Life in the Community Level C

A year in the life of a community, examining events such as St Brigid’s day, St Patrick’s day, Easter, May Day, and festivals such as Lúnasa, Samhain and Christmas.

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* We can offer more activities during September and April.

* Arrange a pre-visit to get familiar with exhibitions.

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