Primary Resource pack

Get a general introduction to the Museum

What teachers say:

“The pack is a super resource – it’s user-friendly, with strong links to curriculum strands”

“I thought the fact sheets were great...their format gave me a structure to use with other objects in the gallery”

If you want to give your class an introduction to the Museum then the ‘What’s in the Museum?' Resource Pack is for you:

What's in the Museum? Resource Pack Post PrimaryWhats in the Museum PP.pdf (1.55 MB, Adobe PDF) 

The Pack includes:

  • Practical advice on bringing groups around the Museum and on encouraging them to engage with the exhibitions.
  • 10 Factsheets on objects in two galleries
  • Historical information on Collins Barracks and on the National Museum
  • Curriculum links
  • A useful glossary of terms
  • Lots of back in the classroom ideas for following up your visit

Look at or download the PDF copy of the pack or contact us and we can send a printed copy to you by post. If you live near Collins Barracks, why not drop in and ask for a copy at the Main Museum Reception.

Please note that groups who want to visit the Museum must book through the Booking Office and can contact us here. Groups who arrive unannounced may find that they can't visit the galleries they want to see.

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For tours and workshops, the maximum number of students per group is 15.

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