Students and Young People

Making bronze rubbings, Learning Resource Room

There are lots of things for you to do and see in the Museum, for example you can:

  • Join a tour to hear about the gel found in the hair of a 2000 year old bog body
  • Make an etching in our printmaking workshops
  • Handle ancient amber or try your hand at making amber beads
  • See how weapons, clothes and jewellery developed through the ages
  • Hear abour the latest archaeological discoveries at a lecture
  • Talk to Roman and Medieval Reenactors as they show you foods and replica textiles, games, armour and weapons.
  • Create a bronze rubbing of Celtic designs using wax crayons

Are you doing a project?

Back of the 'Tara' Brooch, Eighth century A.D.

You can discover more about our exhibitions and collections online.

Some of the most intersting artefacts are discussed in A History of Ireland in 100 objects.

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Want to look up a particular artefact? Try our Artefact Search.

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the Tara Brooch.)

Or are you interested in...

Trying on some chainmail at an event

Want some extra information for your visit?

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Are you a third-level or post-graduate student?

If you need access to the collection for your research, contact our curatorial staff.

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Tips for Your Visit

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Check out our Calendar of Events From drama workshops to reenactments, experience the Museum in a way you've never thought of before.

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