Michael Collins' Great Coat

Michael Collins' Greatcoat

See the coat that Michael Collins was wearing, the day he was shot in an ambush in Co. Cork on 22nd August 1922. Notice the dried mud on the bottom flap of the coat (and there is some evidence of dried blood on the right hand side of the collar).  The loss of Michael Collins was a decisive blow to the Pro-Treaty government.

More about the Irish Civil War...

The Irish Civil War in 1922 immediately followed the War of Independence (1919-21).  Supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Irish Treaty fought bitterly against each other (but had been fighting togther in the War of Independence)  Michael Collins was the leader of the Irish Free State Army. 

The Civil War (June 28th 1922 - May 24th 1923) claimed more lives than the War of Independence that preceded it and left Irish society deeply divided.  Its influence on Irish politics is still felt today.

From: Ireland

Date: 1922

Made of: Wool

Find it in the Museum: Soldiers & Chiefs Exhibition, The Irish Wars Gallery

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