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Self-Directed Visits

Please note at least two week's notice is required when requesting a self-directed visit and booking is essential. 

Designing your own visit

Below you can find advice on how to perpare for your visit.

You can download a free floorplan, guidebook and audio-guide. You will also find  an extensive range of activity sheets and a number of archaeological resources with may be useful in the classroom.

It is advisable for the teacher to make a visit to the National Museum of Ireland-Archaeology, in advance of bringing a group in. If this is not possible, the Bookings Assistant or the Archaeology Education Assistant can advise you in visit preparation by establishing what you require and matching this as closely as possible to the resources we have on offer.

We would also recommend that you look at the other pages on this website which describe the displays as this also can help you plan an itinerary for your visit. Have an objective in mind for your visit, i.e. build the visit into a project at school – make it more than a “day out”. For example, is the visit an information gathering exercise, is it history, science, art, geography or cross-curricular related?

Pre and post-visit work

Prepare the class for the visit – give them an idea of what they can expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit. Topics you might like to cover might include Irish Prehistory, Early Christian Ireland, Medieval or Viking Ireland, Iron Age bog bodies, Ancient Rome or Egypt, pottery, the development of early Irish art or writing, animals in early art, early metalworking, food and feasting, burial practices, clothes, jewellery or weaponary through time, archaeology, conservation, changes in technology, the work of a Museum, exhibition design etc. 

Have some follow-up work planned back in the classroom such as student presentations about favourite objects, displaying sketches, drawings and labels created in the Museum, group presentations on discoveries and information gathered by looking artefacts, or make a time-line of Irish history for the classroom as a group project etc.

When planning a self-directed visit, we recommend you set a task for your students, for example list objects from your county or those preserved in a bog, or draw specific objects which link to a topic being explored in the classroom or base a visit on following one of the Education Departments Activity Sheets. Activity sheets are available at reception or you can tell us of your requirements when making your booking. Alternatively, you can choose and download from the selection below.

At the Museum

Activity Sheets

My Favourite Object

This short, simple activity sheet asks the student to find, describe and sketch their favourite object in the Museum.

Download in Irish or English:

Stone Age Ireland

The Treasure Trail

Viking Ireland

Medieval Ireland

Ancient Egypt

The Museum floorplan and guidebook gives information which will assist in planning a route or task for students to follow:

Museum floorplan:

Archaeology Museum Floor Plans KS floor plan.pdf (1.47 MB,  

Museum guidebook:

Archaeology Guidebook EN ks_guide_web_en.pdf (2.26 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Museum audioguide:

The Treasury-Celtic and Early Christian Ireland 
In The Classroom

Discover more about:

The Iron Age bog bodies from the Kingship & Sacrifice Exhibition:

Bog body hand


Listen to a talk by Eamonn Kelly, Keeper of Irish Antiquities- 'Irish Iron Age Bog Bodies'



 The Mesolithic Clowanstown fish trap (5300-4730 BC) from the Prehistoric Ireland Exhibition:


The Faddan More Psalter (8th century AD) from the Treasury Exhibition:

Faddan More Psalter Front Cover

Faddan More Psalter- Discovery and significance

Faddan More Psalter - Explore the Text Psalter text.pdf (0.86 MB, Adobe PDF) 



The Cross of Cong (12th century AD) from the Treasury Exhibition: 

The Cross of Cong

Cross of Cong


Download a booklet on the Ancient Egypt Exhibition:

Ancient Egypt leaflet Ancient Egypt leaflet.pdf (0.85 MB, Adobe PDF) 


Download a timeline of early Irish art:

Timeline of Irish Art Poster preview

Archaeology in the Classroom-It's About Time

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