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Forgotten Object - Children's Competition

Is it rusty, is it old, is there a story to be told......?

Attics and sheds are full of old things from long ago. Do you have any interesting objects from the past? Does it have a story? What was it used for? Did someone in your family or a neighbour use it? We would like to hear about it.

Why not enter our competition! Find a ‘forgotten object’ and use it to make a drawing, painting, poem or short story.

There are two categories:

  1. Art: Drawing, painting, collage or photograph.
  2. Written: Poem, short story or essay.


  • Single and group entries accepted.
  • Art or written work should be based on the theme ‘forgotten objects’.
  • Entries must include at least two sentences explaining why the student picked this object.
  • All entries must be student’s original work.
  • An entry form, signed by teacher, must accompany each work.

Entries clearly marked ‘School’s Competition’ will be accepted until the 23rd March 2012.

Forgotten Objects childrens competition entry form Forgotten Objects Childrens comp entry form.pdf (0.30 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Send entries to:

Education and Outreach Department

National Museum of Ireland – Country Life

Turlough Park


Co. Mayo

For further information please contact:

  • Bernie Byron, Marketing Executive, National Museum of Ireland - Country Life. Tel: (094) 903 1773; Mob: (087) 798 7439; email:  
  • Aoife O’Toole, Education & Outreach Dept., National Museum of Ireland - Country Life. Tel: (094) 903 1769; email:  
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