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Moving Statues at the National Museum of Ireland- Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks

Roll up, roll up to Collins Barracks this weekend!(18th/19th November)  We’re hosting a show called ‘Moving Statues’, which is the culmination of a community project with North Inner City Dublin school Larkin Community College, the Lourdes Day Care Centre and theatre director Mikel Murfi. 

‘Moving Statues' features gigantic puppets inspired by the statues on Dublin's O'Connell Street and their stories.  Daniel O’Connell, James Larkin, Charles Stewart Parnell, Father Theobald Mathew, William Smith O’Brien and Sir John Gray will all be there, joined by our special guest star Maisie, a true, blue Dub. She's 10ft tall too! She'll be well capable of 'interviewing' the historical heavyweights.  Expect an amazing show with lots of laughter, creativity and history.

 Photographers are welcome to attend any one of the following performances:

  • 2pm Saturday 19th November
    The performance is fully booked out and specially for students of Larkin Community College, and clients of the Lourdes Day Care Centre.
  • 2pm Sunday 20th November
    The performance is also booked out and for active retirement groups and older people’s organisations from Dublin’s inner city.
  • 3pm Sunday 20th November

Admission is Free to all Exhibitions and to the My Museum programme.

Bacground Notes to the editor:

Partnership in Action – Larkin Community College, the National Museum of Ireland, Poetry Ireland, Localise, the National College of Art and Design.

 In 2010 first year students at Larkin Community College worked with Storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy from Poetry Ireland and Museum staff, to investigate the ‘Soldiers and Chiefs’ exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts and History. The students developed their own stories around their favourite characters from Irish history and shared their stories to a group of older people from Lourdes Day Care Centre, in north inner city Dublin.

These same students worked with Localise, on a service-learning programme involving their local community. Working with Localise, the students created an exhibition of portrait photographs with members of the Lourdes Day Care Centre entitled ‘Local Heroes’, which is on display in the Museum.

This cross-curricular initiative was such a success for all the partners that it was decided to develop a three year partnership-in-education programme. Year 2 is the ‘Moving Statues’ project which you see here today. The project grew because of the generosity and volunteerism of all partners, as well as a fundamental belief in the holistic development of young people as active participants in the cultural and civic life of their community.

 ‘Moving Statues’ takes the six statues on O’Connell Street and develops an exchange of stories between the older residents in the local community and students at Larkin Community College. The inter generational nature of the project enabled the students at Larkin Community College to directly engage with their local history.  They discovered the living stories of the older residents in their area through independent research, drama, storytelling, music and puppet-making.

 As part of ‘Moving Statues’, the Localise Community Service Programme and staff worked with two first year classes in Larkin Community College, Class Pine and Class Maple. The students’ task was to invite senior citizens, carers and members of the wider community to the performance and to personally accompany them around the Museum. 

 A number of new partners were involved in this second phase of this partnership-in-education programme. Students from the National College of Art and Design’s Postgraduate Diploma in Education worked with Transition Year students from Larkin Community College in making the puppets for the performance. 

 The National Theatre of Ireland also supported the project through provision of a voice coach to help the students with their voice projection.

The National Museum of Ireland’s Education Department provided the project with resources and a space to work.

 Poetry Ireland and the Curriculum Development Unit are documenting the project through video so that the findings can be shared among partners and others.

 For further information please contact:

Helen Beaumont - Education & Outreach Deparment, National Museum of Irlenad 

Direct Line:  01 6486405

Mobile: 0872373192


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