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The Working River, a Harmonious Relationship between City and Port

Come to hear our second lecture dedicated to the archaeological finds in Dublin Port and the River Liffey.

14 November 2018, 1 pm to 1.45 pm, Kildare Street (Archaeology).

Audience: Adults   |   Event Type: Seminar

Dublin City's relationship with the River Liffey has been an integral one since the first settlement.
Significant sources survive that chart the growth and development of maritime activities along the river, while recent and current development on the riverfront help to expose its detail. The presentation
by Niall Brady, Maritime Archaeologist and Director of The Archaeological Diving Company Ltd,
highlights the work being done within Dublin Port as part of the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment project, and shows some of the findings that have been made. The age-old dynamic that dictates new
design to meet increased trade remains as present today as it has done since the Viking Age, and
listeners will sense the richness of the record that speaks to the lively and important history of
Dublin's growth as city and port.
Please note: This lecture will take place at Dublin Port. Booking required. Please email educationarch@museum.ie or call 01 6486 334.Organised in association with Dublin Port.