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Plan Your Visit in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to get the most from your school visit to Kildare Street

1. Look at our list of tours and workshops

Find out more about activities to suit Primary or Post-Primary.

See how the full range of our activities and resources meet key curriculum links:

2. Select your preferred dates and times

It's best to book your visit at least two weeks in advance. Book early and you’re more likely to get the dates and times you want.

3. Contact the Bookings Office

Get in touch by phone on +353 (0)1 648 6453

Email us on bookingsks@museum.ie

We’ll process your booking and send a quick confirmation.

4. Get prepared

Get the most from the Museum with a little pre-visit preparation.

You could also plan some follow-up project work back in school.

5. Come on time!

Have fun, learn and be inspired!