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Workshop: Sacred Scarabs - Ancient Egyptian Handling

Explore the beliefs and rituals of the Ancient Egyptians, discover how they mummified their dead, and hear why scarab beetles were so special and make your own beetle amulet to take home.

Tour at a Glance

Level 2nd - 6th Class
Group Size Designed for groups of 30 max
Location Ancient Egyptian Exhibition
Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes
Days Available Wednesdays
Times Available 10:15am 
Accesability This workshop is not wheelchair accessible. 



Curriculum Links 

SESE History

  • Working as an Historian
    Time and Chronology / Using Evidence / Change and Continuity / Cause and Effect / Synthesis and Communication / Empathy
  • Story
    Stories from the lives of the people in the past / Myths and Legends
  • Early People and Ancient Societies
    Egyptians / Stone Age Peoples / Bronze Age Peoples 
  • Conintuity and Change Over Time
    Homes, House and Urban Developments / Nomadism / Food and Farming / Clothes / Transport / Communications / Energy and Power / Literature, Arts, Crafts and Culture / Barter, Trade and Money

Other curriculum links include:

  • Geography (A Sense of Place and Space / Maps, Globes and Graphical Skills / Human Environments / Natural Environments) 
  • Science (Living Things / Material / Environmental Awareness and Care) 
  • Visual Arts (Concepts / Paint and Colour / Clay) 



Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a greater knowledge of the lives and society of people living in Ancient Egypt
  • Learn about their religion and belief by examining the mummifcation process and rituals around how people prepared the dead for the after life 
  • Take a closer look at the importance of the scarab beetle to the belief of the Ancient Egyptains and its role in their preration for the after life

Learn about:

  • Ancient Egyptian Gods 
  • The society of the Ancient Egyptians
  • How people prepared for the after life
  • How people were mummified