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Relaunch of website

Relaunch of website

The National Museum of Ireland has relaunched its website www.museum.ie. As the design, navigation and general structure resembles the previous version, repeat visitors will still see their favourite and familiar sections. The new technical platform is significantly different and will ultimately allow the Museum to offer a range of exciting online services, e.g. newsletter, online booking systems, archaeology license requests, etc.

The new website as it stands already improves accessibility and enables easier searches. A wider range of colourful, informative and attractive photographs are available and most can be displayed in a lightbox image overlay tool improving image display and browsing. It is also more social media oriented, with visitors able to like and tweet about specific articles, and prominent links to the other web presence channels used by the NMI, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The practical information to visitors has also been improved, as the Museum knows from research that over 60% of its website visitors do so to prepare for an individual or group visit to one of our four public museums.

Planned future development includes a redesign for a better mobile experience, and an increase of contents such as online collections, educational resources and a number of dedicated microsites. The two first such micro-sites to go live are the Bronze Age Handling Box (already on line) and the 1916 Roll of Honour (planned to be launched in few months). The new content management systems will also lead to a more dynamic and larger volume of content by enabling a wider variety of direct contribution from the different Museum departments.

The museum.ie website has attracted double-digit year-to-year growth over 8 years in a row in terms of visits, with over 2.5 million pages being downloaded over the last 12 months. For several years the growth essentially came from countries traditionally associated to the Irish diaspora, while 2015 has also seen strong growth from continental Europe and the rest of the world. It is expected that the new version as it develops and is enriched, will reach a wider audience in Ireland and overseas and lead to an even deeper interaction with the visitors.

The amount of pages available in Irish has been increased significantly and the Museum will add to this on an incremental basis.