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'Ireland For Entrancing Scenery'

Posters from 1900-1929


Ireland and England via Holyhead. London and North Western Railway

A very early example of lithography but cluttered with information unlike posters from the 1920s on. Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971) was a famous British marine painter and made a major contribution to the art of camouflage. The ferry crossing times compare very favourably with those of today. Signed N. Wilkinson. 1908.


Ireland for Entrancing Scenery. Innisfallen. Killarney. Great Southern Rys, (Ireland)

Little is known about Walter Till. He had some exhibitions in Dublin and is known to have submitted designs to a competition for the first issue of Irish Free State postage stamps in 1922. Signed Walter Till. 1925.


G.S.Rys. Glendalough

A charming scene with interesting human detail around the hotel. Glendalough, County Wicklow remains comparatively unchanged since this time. Signed Walter Till. 1925.


Ireland for Your Holiday. Killiney Bay. Co. Dublin. Great Southern Rys, (Ireland)

Killiney Bay has often been likened to the Bay of Naples. The railway which the poster is promoting is barely visible.  A similar view in a very different treatment also features in a 1950s poster by CIE, F:2007.112. Signed Walter Till. 1927.


Irland. Das Romantische Land der Naturschönheiten. Ballinahinch. Co. Galway. Great Southern Railways (Irland)

An approach to the German speaking market between the wars: ‘the romantic land of natural beauties’. In this poster Till again gently places (the now defunct) Galway to Clifden train in the background, where it is barely visible. Signed Walter Till. 1920s.