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'To Ireland With Ease By Rail And Sea'

Posters from the 1950s


Sheephaven Donegal Ireland for Holidays. To Ireland with ease by rail and sea. British and Irish Steamship Company Ltd. British Railways. Belfast Steamship Company Ltd.

Signed Paul Henry. 1950s. This poster was also issued in the 1930s by the London Midland and Scottish Railways. The houses are virtually the same as two of those in the poster of a Connemara scene (F:2007.107).


Fishguard-Rosslare. British Railways

Signed L.A. Wilcox. 1950s. A very conventional presentation of a ferry, the poster is unusually cluttered with information for a poster from this era.


Holyhead for Dublin and the Republic of Ireland. British Railways

Claude Buckle. 1950s. The modernity and comfort of the ships is the selling point. A rare example of use of the name ‘Republic of Ireland’.


Holiday Travel by CIE

Signed Costello. 1950s. Killiney Bay, Co. Dublin. Probably Eileen Costelloe (1911-76) of Dublin. Another view of Killiney Bay with greater emphasis on the railway than the 1920s GSR example (F:2007.3). There is a lot of detail in this image but it works nonetheless. Costello worked as a full-time civil servant from 17 years of age but managed to combine this with a successful career as a painter as well.


Ireland. Travel in Comfort. CIE

Signed Melai. 1950s. A real designer’s poster with great focus for the eye. Gus Melai was one of a number of Dutch artists attracted to Ireland by advertising work for Aer Lingus and Bord Fáilte in the 1950s. They brought a fresh graphic art to Irish travel posters.


Ireland. Irish International Airlines

Signed Adolph Treidler. 1950s. This Aer Lingus poster aimed at the American market has it all! The church in the background is that of Lusk, County Dublin. The ladies maintain their detached glamour while being steered through this Hibernian Arcadia.


Ireland. Fly TWA

Signed S. Greco. 1950s. An amusing attempt to convey an Arcadian image. The natives are welcoming but in anachronistic contrast to the sleek American jet-liner. High art, reasonably comfortable houses and exotic castles can be found in this bucolic place.