Farm to Food

Science in everyday life, both past and present. combining an interactive tour and a hands-on workshop.

Practical activity, hands-on, fun!

Behy NS

Tour & Workshop at a Glance

Level             5th/6th Class
Group Size   15
Location       Galleries + Activity Room
Duration       2.5hrs
Times            10am- 11am + Break 30min + 11.30-12.30pm

Curriculum Links

SESE: Science, History, Geography

Learning Outcomes

  • Tour: Farming, plants, crops, food and nutrition

This activity will take place in the museum galleries,
using images and objects from the museum collection
to develop concepts such as: How the soil and rock type of an area will determine what plants and crops can be grown. The process of photosynthesis and the
importance of nutrients for plants and humans. The germination of potatoes and cereals. Learn about the harvest and recognise the associated tools and
  • Workshop: Soil classification, testing for starch and pH level

Children will be divided into groups and will use worksheets to predict and record the outcome of each experiment. These hands-on experiment will provide
for the distinction between acidic and alkaline soils, as well as gaining the knowledge of the three basic soil classifications of sand, silt and clay. Children will understand the concept of a PH scale and learn the difference between an alkaline and an acid. Children will discover the importance of starch and examine what starch is and where it is found.


Resources and Suggestions:

Tour and Workshop Description (243KB, Adobe .pdf)

Worksheet and Experiment (1,172KB, Adobe .pdf)