8th & 9th February: Back to the Bronze Age

Where did Bronze Age people get metals from? How did they make stone and bronze tools and what did they use these tools for? Discover the answers to these questions, handle museum standard replica artefacts and make a replica Bronze Age lunula to take home.

At a Glance

Dates:  8th & 9th February
Times:    Thursday & Friday  10.00am-11.00am & 11.30am-12.30pm
Level: 3rd to 6th Class
Group size: 15
Location: Activity Room
Duration: 1hr per session

Curriculum Links

SESE History
Working as an Historian

Time and Chronology / Using Evidence / Change and Continuity / Cause and Effect / Synthesis and Communication / Empathy
Early People and Ancient Societies Stone Age Peoples / Bronze Age Peoples
Story Stories from the lives of the people in the past
Continuity and Change Over Time Homes, House and Urban Developments / Food and Farming / Literature, Arts, Crafts and Culture

Other curriculum links include:
SESE Geography A Sense of Place and Space / Human Environments / Natural Environments
SESE Science  Working Scientifically / Designing and Making / Living Things / Materials
English Receptiveness to Language / Competence and Confidence in using Language
Visual Arts Concepts / an awareness of shape/ pattern and rhythm
Construction / Looking and responding

Learning Outcomes

  • See real artefacts from the Bronze Age in Ireland.
  • Handle museum standard replica objects from Bronze Age Ireland as well as real raw materials
  • Learn about how archaeology has contributed to our knowledge of this time period before written records
  • Explore the skills needed to mine and smelt copper in the Bronze Age
  • Learn how gold was sourced, worked and decorated and construct your own replica lunula 

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