Tree Walk

Explore the Woodlands of Turlough Park. Find out why the elder is known as the 'Witch's Tree', why holly is associated with Christmas and why Hurleys are made from Ash. Introduction to tree identification, uses and folklore.

Relates to our environment and the importance of trees to humans, instilling an appreciation in children of trees - Excellent!

Crimlin NS, Castlebar

Tour at a Glance

Level    1st - 6th Class

Group Size   15

Location  Museum and grounds...bring suitable gear

Duration  60min

Curriculum Links

  • SEHE Science

Living Things/Materials
Observing/Asking Questions

  • SEHE Geography

Natural/ Human Environments


Learning Outcomes

  • The importance of trees to people in the past, custom & belief, natural resource and medicine.

Explore different trees
To identify investigate leaf/bark/flower/seed

• Characteristics & uses of timber
• Medicine uses
Folklore/customs and beliefs

Resources & Suggestions

Pre-visit: Names of trees; deciduous/evergreen; broadleaf/coniferous

Post-visit: Press leaves collected and display with bark rubbings (if taken) with name of appropriate tree and any folklore remembered. Ask grandparents and/or members of community for their tree lore/superstitions. 

Recommended Reading and Useful Links

  • Book: Irish Trees – Myths, Legends & Folklore
    Niall Mac Coitir, Available from Museum Shop