Turlough Park House

Explore a Victorian Gothic mansion at historic Turlough Park

Visit three beautifully restored rooms in historic Turlough Park House, located just next to the main museum galleries at the National Museum of Ireland in Co. Mayo.

This 'Big House' was the home of the Fitzgeralds, a powerful family of Norman origin who came to Ireland in 1169.

The family were 'banished' to Mayo in the mid-17th century during the Cromwellian conquest and received the Turlough estate in a land settlement. At its greatest extent, the estate spanned 3,440 hectares (8,500 acres). Individual families, paying rent to the Fitzgeralds, farmed most of the acreage in small parcels while life in the Big House was made possible by a team of servants, outdoor workers and craftsmen.

The house you see today was commissioned by Charles Lionel Fitzgerald in 1863 and designed by the celebrated architect Thomas Newenham Deane.

Turlough Park was owned by successive generations of the Fitzgerald family until 1991, when Mayo County Council purchased the estate, then comprising around 15.7 hectares (39 acres). 

The National Museum of Ireland opened at Turlough Park in 2001. 

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History of Turlough Park

History of Turlough Park

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