For Language Schools

Guidelines for Language School Bookings

Booking Your Visit

All bookings must be made with the bookings office 2 weeks in advance of the visit. Bookings cannot be confirmed over 1 month in advance, provisional bookings can be made before then. Booking enquiries made on the day of the visit cannot be guaranteed a placement.  In order to confirm the booking, the following details must be provided to the Education Booking Assistant:

  • Name of Exhibition or Museum site:
  • Date and Time:
  • Size of Group (exact number of group to ensure there is enough room)
  • Contact Details: School Name, Address, Phone Number and Email
  • Leaders Name and Number (a minimum of one leader's name and number per 15 students)
  • Age of Group/ Type of Group
  • Special Needs Requirements
  • Guided or Self – Guided (Guided tours may only be beneficial for students of advanced English).

The Bookings Office can be contacted at 016486453 or by email.


Essential for Booking

Under our Child Protection Policy, the Bookings Office cannot confirm any booking without the full name and contact number for all group leaders attending on the day.  The National Museum of Ireland requires a minimum of one group leader for every 15 students.  Bookings are provisional until this is provided.

If you need to change an aspect of your booking, for example the group size or any leaders’ details, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note, due to the high volume of bookings once your booking is confirmed we can make one change only before we will impose an administration fee of €40.

Once the booking is made with the correct information, you will receive a confirmation email with a Booking Confirmation Form as a PDF attached.

Groups who have booked and have their Booking Confirmation Form with them will have priority entry. If you have not booked in advance and the Museum is at maximum capacity, we regret that you will be turned away.


Please consider doing pre-visit preparation in class to help students understand what they are seeing. Consider creating lessons about Ireland's natural history or the natural world ahead of your visit.

• Take a look at the Museum activity sheets and set your students the challenge of completing one while visiting the Museum. Link

• You can find information about what is on display on the Exhibition pages. Link

At the Museum

The Booking Confirmation Form must be printed off, brought with you and presented on the day of your visit at Museum Reception. Admission to the Museum is not guaranteed without this form.

  • Group leaders must remain with their groups at all times.
  • No group can be permitted to visit the Museum and exhibitions without supervision.
  • Groups of more than 15 people need to divided into smaller groups before entering the exhibition and supervised by a leader at all times.
  • You must arrive at you allocated time – please inform the Bookings Office (016486453) if your group is running late.
  • Any damage inflicted to the National Museum of Ireland's property will result in the termination of the groups visit immediately.

We will not accept vouchers in lieu of a Booking confirmation.

Please note group entry to permanent exhibitions is free. You can download a selection of work booklets for your students to complete at the Museum from the Explore and Learn section of the Museum website.

Please note that guided tours take priority over self-guided visits. If there is a guided tour taking place in the gallery you are visiting we ask that you ask your group to keep noise to a minimum or temporarily move to another gallery until the tour is complete.

We hope your students enjoy their visit to the Museum.