Baile / Bailiúcháin & Taighde / Na Bailiúcháin Stairiúla ar Line

Na Bailiúcháin Stairiúla ar Line

Cuardaigh ár mBailiúcháin Stairiúla ar Líne, sampla de 10,000 déantán atá i mBailiúcháin Stairiúla, Mhíleata agus Sheachtain na Cásca Ard-Mhúsaem na hÉireann, atá á bhfoilsiú mar chuid de Dheich mBliana na gCuimhneachán.

Bain úsáid as ár bhfoirm do Churadach Déantán chun an sampla bunachair a chuardach do réada ar leith.

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Royal Irish Constabulary officer's uniform helmet, c. 1900 which belonged to Commissioner J.C.L.G. Silcock. Comprising dress helmet by Phillips, 4 Dame Street, Dublin in its case with owner's name on ...
Pamphlet. Cover states - 'The Conditions of Employment Act Handbook', by L.J. Duffy, Secretary of The Labour Party. 2nd edition. Published by The Labour Party, 21 Molesworth St., Dublin, 1936. Price...
Bugle won by the Irish Citizen Army in 1915 Drill Display. Bugle, brass, with bronze plating, and mounted in brass. British Army infantry pattern. Maker's name punched on front - 'GB/Butler/Haymarke...
Countess Markievicz's notebook. 'Criticism of Irish Women's Franchise League' etc., about 1909-1910.
Photograph of Councillor William P. Partridge (autographed by his widow) of the Irish Citizen Army, and leading trade unionist. A week previous to Easter Sunday 1916 he was sent to Tralee by James Con...
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