Ardagh 150th Anniversary Tour

Join on this special tour of the ‘Treasury Exhibition’ exploring Ireland's most famous and iconic object, the Ardagh Chalice, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of its finding. Learn about the people of Early Medieval Ireland and the influence of the coming of Christianity in the 5th century and discover how the Ardagh Chalice, among other fine metal objects, were made and designed.

These tours are taking place over a number of dates and times for the months of September, October, November and December. 

  • Friday 14th September                     11.30am
  • Saturday 29th September*                 2.30pm
  • Friday 12th October*                         11.30am
  • Sunday 28th October                        2.30pm
  • Friday 9th November                       11.30am
  • Saturday 24th November                  2.30pm
  • Friday 14th December                      11.30am
  • Sunday 30th December                     2.30pm

*Please note that Irish Sign Language Interpretation will be provided on these tours

No booking required. Places allocated on a first come basis. Meet at Reception. Wheelchair accessible. Suitable Ages 7+