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Tips for Visiting

Find the best time to come, see our media policy, and check local weather & transport.

Please Note: Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising is expected to be extremely popular for the first couple of months after opening. We recommend that members of the public visit on weekday afternoons if possible and try to avoid visiting during the Irish school holidays. Visitors may be asked to wait a short time before they can enter the new exhibition; in this event however the visitor can view the Museum’s other Exhibitions and Galleries or visit our award winning café.

Look, Don't Touch

While visiting, it's natural to want to touch the Museum objects. We must, however, discourage this. The cumulative effects of touching - abrasion, grease and sweat - can result in irreparable damage to the objects.

Prepare for Irish Weather

The Irish climate is very changeable. We advise bringing a good raincoat! Come prepared for all seasons.

Mobile Phone Use

To ensure a pleasant environment for all visitors, please refrain from talking on your mobile phone inside the Museum galleries.

Avoid the Crowds 

All four Museum sites are usually less crowded on weekdays. Try to avoid visiting during Irish school holidays. During the peak summer season, the Museum welcomes various tour groups.

Timing is Everything

A visit to any of our four Museum sites will probably take about 1-2 hours. See opening hours here.

Hassle Free Transport

Hassle Free Transport

All four of our Museum sites boast excellent transport links. It's easy to visit on foot, by car, or by public transport.

Floorplans and Guidebooks

Floorplans and Guidebooks

Read and download our guides for all four Museum sites

Filming & Photography

Filming & Photography

Read the Museum's advice and policies on using multimedia equipment onsite