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Online Workshop: Pencil Bridge Challenge

Irish stone bridges span across Ireland, connecting communities and are an important part of our industrial heritage. Find out more about the construction of bridges in a workshop with Makermeet. Learn mathematical and engineering skills to construct a bridge from pencils. An engineering based workshop involving students working in teams. Virtual - Live

Activity at a Glance

Level: Junior Cycle and Transition Year 
Group Size: Classroom Size
Location: Virtual Session
Set-up: Check Connection beforehand
Duration: 60 minutes
10 minutes: Introduction to Museum. Bridges and engineering.
45 minutes: Workshop
5 minutes: Conclusion
Availability: 8th and 9th March 2022        Engineering Week
Times: 10am to 11am to 11.30am-12.30pm to  1.30pm- 2.30pm
Booking: Booking required
Materials: Pencils (non peared), elastic bands 

Bookings and information:

To book the workshop contact the Bookings and Information Office at

Curriculum Links: 


Learning Outcomes: 

  • We will provide details of the workshop prior to the date - including materials needed, instructions, etc.

  • On the date - teachers log in to a web address we provide. 

  • Makermeet will chat in real time with the teachers/parents if any questions or difficulties arise.

  • We all build the project together!

Some notes:
1) Participants will need a relatively good internet connection
2) Time per workshop is different, but generally we keep it to a class session.

Post-Visit Resources:

  • PDF dowload <in production>

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