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Scribblebot Workshop

Scribblebots in action

In this hands-on STEAM workshop facilitated by Make Create Innovate, students will gain an understanding of electrical power. The student will learn design and engineering skills in a fun way. In this workshop you will learn about electronics and how circuits can be used to power a gear motor to design a scribblebot that will then create an art piece for you.

Activity at a Glance

Level: 3rd to 6th Class
Group size: Teams of 2 per pack (max 14)
Location:  Virtual session
Duration: 2hrs
Availability: Wednesday 25th / Thursday 26th November 10am-12noon   12.30am-2.30pm
Booking: Booking required 
Accessibility: N/A Online

Bookings and Information 

To book this event you can email the bookings and information office

Curriculum Links: 


Learning Outcomes: 

This workshop will teach design and engineering in a fun way. Work in teams to come up with a design for a ‘Scribblebot’. This design will then inform the construction of the robot. In the construction process you will learn how to circuit a motor. Students will learn about the conversion of electrical energy to motion, heat and electromagnetism. 

Teachers Notes:

Pre-Visit Resources:

  • Pack with instructions and materials sent to school in advance. Most of the materials for this workshop are easily available and can be sourced by the school.

  • Watch short video by Make Create Innovate

  • Teacher and class create the robot

  • Link in to the workshop through live zoom classroom with Make Create Innovate

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