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Saturday 10th September 2022, All ages

A Flag for Ireland


A flag for Ireland
A Flag for Ireland | National Museum of Ireland

2021-2022 are significant years in ‘Decade of Centenaries’ with the signing of the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty and the beginning of Ireland's journey towards independence. In 1921 cultural identity was largely defined in binary terms Nationalist/Unionist and similarly polarised cultural identities.

In 2022 Ireland is a culturally diverse society where identities are more plural and accepted as part of a more inclusive society.

So what would a modern, future flag for Ireland look like?

  • We invite you and your group to collaborate with artist Anthony Haughey to draw, paint or graphically design a future flag for Ireland.
The project will encourage participants also to design their own banners to be carried on the street to generate a specific cultural identity or protest, for example, a banner to celebrate LGBTQ+ for Pride or a banner to raise consciousness about global warming amongst many others.

A selection of participants’ flags and banners will be professionally fabricated and installed on flagpoles, contextualised historically by the National Museum of Ireland's architectural sites. All of the flag designs will be presented on a dedicated website and will be integral to this collaborative artwork.

Anthony Haughey | Biography
Anthony Haughey is a socially artist and educator, he collaborates widely with culturally diverse communities. His artworks are represented in national and international public and private art collections. To learn more about him and his work with the National Musueum click here

Details on this event are to be confirmed, check back regularly to find out more.


A Flag for Ireland is located at:
Turlough Park,
Co. Mayo
F23 HY31

Join Artist Anthony Haughey to draw, paint or graphically design a future flag for Ireland

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F23 HY31

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