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Summer 2021, Families

Fairy Trail: Of Fairies and Fairy Folk

Admission free

Of Fairies and Fairy Folk is a new fairy trail exploring fairy dwellings and tree folklore with artworks produced by local artists Carmel Balfe and Tom Meskell, of Wandering Lighthouse Artworks.

Of Fairies and Fairy Folk delivers a timely message about sustainability and biodiversity and curious families of all ages can find out more about the native and introduced tree species dotted across the grounds of Turlough Park House, in our magical woodlands, wonderful waterways and beautifully restored gardens.

What will we see along the way?

Alongside each fairy settlement is an illustrated panel exploring the connections between the ethereal world of the fairies and the very real world of the National Folklife Collection on display in the Museum galleries. The panels detail the folklore associated with each tree on the route and look at the many varieties of wood used in the construction of traditional objects in the Museum. 

Where do we start and how does it work?

You can either download the map ahead of your visit, or take a picture of the map on your phone or other mobile device when you get to the Museum. The map is loated between Turlough Park House and the Museum galleries. With the map in hand, it is simply a matter of deciding which direction you would like to go in first. There is no one direction you need follow, nor any particular order in which the settlements need to be visited. We do ask all participants on the trail to remain conscious of the social distancing guidelines, be considerate of other users of the trail, and to not touch any of the artworks along the way.

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Fairy Trail: Of Fairies and Fairy Folk is located at:
Turlough Park,
Co. Mayo
F23 HY31

Can you find the fairy dwellings in the grounds of the Museum? Have fun on this fairy trail and learn some tree folklore along the way.

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