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2pm, Saturday 24th July, 2021, All ages

Little Hedgehogs Come out to Play!


Join Elaine O'Riordan from the Irish Hedgehog Survey team at the National University of Ireland, Galway, for this special event at 2pm on Saturday, 24 July, taking another look into the lives of our most loved wild animals.

Young hedgehogs or hoglets will start appearing at this time of year as they leave the nest for the first time on foraging trips with their mothers.

Elaine will help us explore the busy schedule of young hoglets as they venture into the hedgerows and woodlands for the very first time and what we can do to help.

Afterwards, award-winning artist, filmmaker and puppeteer, Carmel Balfe, will perform a short show about one little hoglet on its first adventures. Next, Carmel will lead an art workshop on how to create your own puppets and tell your own stories.

The Irish Hedgehog Survey is a citizen science project by researchers in NUIG and the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The project invites members of the public to get involved in recording hedgehogs wherever you see them; surveying your gardens for hedgehogs; or taking part in a questionnaire about hedgehogs on the farm. Find out more about the Irish Hedgehog Survey.

This event will be streamed on our Youtube Channel and on Facebook Live from 2 to 3pm on Saturday, 24 July.

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Little Hedgehogs Come out to Play! is located at:
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Co. Mayo
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A Museums at Home Biodiversity Event

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