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Courtyard Gallery Exhibition

'The Fabric of Society' by Bryan Gerard Duffy

Free Admission

A long story of snake tracks, short ladders and a small gap in the wall, 2022, Acrylic on wood panel, 91cm x 91cm
This body of work is a conversation on the societal challenges of retaining one's tradition, identity, and ancestral roots in the face of adversity, colonialism, and capitalism. Our perception of these paintings alternates between the traditional and the modern. The concept of taking sides is considered while exploring abstraction through transitions of games. 

This series of paintings emerged from the award-winning documentary "Delivery" (2019) which was co-produced by Bryan Gerard Duffy 
'The Fabric of Society' was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Platform 31, Local Arts Ireland, Mayo Arts Council and Artifariti Org.
About the artist

Bryan Gerard Duffy is an Irish visual artist and filmmaker. His multi-discplinary approach to making art extends to paint, sculpture, lens-based work, moving image and installation. He draws lines and also crosses lines, both physically and metaphysically while investigating psychological and physical displacement. He has won multiple awards for both his art and filmmaking, and has exhibted his work internationally.


'The Fabric of Society' by Bryan Gerard Duffy is located at:
Turlough Park,
Co. Mayo
F23 HY31

'The Fabric of Society' is a series of 12 paintings inspired by the patternings from a "Jaima", the traditional tent 
of the nomadic people of Western Sahara.  

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Turlough Park,
Co. Mayo,
F23 HY31

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