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Hide and Seek: How to Camouflage Activity Sheet

Diorama of a badger family on display in the NMI - Natural History

'To Camouflage' means to hide or use a disguise. At the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History there are lots of animals on display that use many different types of camouflage to hide.

Download and print this activity sheet and test your own camouflage and seeking skills. You can do this activity sheet in your garden, local park, beach, or even by using the 3D Virtual Visit. What examples of camouflage can you find?

When you have designed your own amazing animal camouflage, why not let us know how you got on by emailing or post a photo online through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MuseumAtHome.

This activity is designed for children aged 8-12 years old and is curriculum linked to the SESE Science Curriculum. This can be completed at home, as a family activity, or used by Primary school teachers and pupils.

Hide & Seek: How to Camouflage (0.45 MB, Adobe PDF)


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