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Late Night Date Night at the Museum - Decorative Arts & History

If you’re looking for a unique and culturally enriching experience that's sure to impress your partner, the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks is the ideal destination. Located in Stoneybatter, one of the coolest neighbourhoods, in the vibrant heart of Dublin. The museum is now open until 8pm on Thursdays through to the end of September, 2023. bring your partner and  discover this  romantic and smart destination that will make your date night truly memorable.

A World of Art and History

The National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History is home to a vast collection of decorative arts, fashion, furniture, and historical artifacts. As you and your date explore the museum's galleries, you'll have the opportunity to delve into Ireland's rich heritage and culture. The Way We Wore exhibition Show cases the history of Irish fashion in clothing and jewellery. while the Ib Jorgensen: A Fashion Retrospective exhibition, focuses on lavishly embellished garments one of Ireland’s leading fashion designers from the 1950s to the 1990s,  the museum showcases the country's artistic and historical evolution.

A Stroll Through Time

The museum is housed in the stunning Collins Barracks, where the architecture alone is a sight to behold, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic buildings and soak in the ambiance of a bygone era. The museum's outdoor courtyard is also a charming spot to sit, chat, and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection with your date.

Artistic Inspiration

For couples who appreciate creativity, the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History offers plenty of artistic inspiration. The museum frequently hosts exhibitions showcasing contemporary Irish artists, adding a modern twist to its historical collections. Engage in meaningful conversations about art and culture as you explore the innovative and thought-provoking displays together.

Unique Photo Opportunities

Capture the magic of your date night with some unique photo opportunities throughout the museum. From elegant displays of historical furniture to the intricate craftsmanship of centuries-old artifacts, you'll have a myriad of backdrops to choose from. These photos will serve as beautiful mementos of your memorable evening.

If you're searching for a date night that combines culture, history, and romance, the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History is the perfect choice. From its captivating exhibitions to its historic surroundings, this museum offers a truly memorable experience for couples. So, why not plan a visit and create cherished memories with your partner as you explore the fascinating world of decorative arts and history together?

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