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Summer at the National Museum of Ireland

Natural woodland playground at Turlough Park, Castlebar, Mayo

Spend time in a museum in summer? Why not? Whether inside or outside, the National Museum of Ireland has plenty to attract visitors of all ages, regardless of the weather!

Meet a Geologist, become an archaeologist, see the great coat worn by the Big Fellow Michael Collins or step back in time and discover what an Irish home would have looked like in the 19th century.

This June marks the centenary of the start of the Irish Civil War. Two exhibitions in the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts & History that discuss this period, and the events preceding it are The Irish Wars, 1919-1923 and Studio & State: The Laverys and the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

We are delighted to announce that the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, Kildare Street and the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, will be open until 8pm every Thursday for the rest of the summer months. More Information

Here are some key activities to help inspire you when you’re planning your next visit to the Museum this summer. Admission to all our Museum's is free. 

National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Drop-In Workshop: Bronze Age Artefact Detective

11:30am - 1pm, Thursday 7th July, Families 7+
2.30pm - 4pm, Wednesday 13th July, Families 7+
2.30pm - 4pm, Wednesday 27th July, Families 7+

Learn how to think like an archaeologist and try to solve the puzzle of some mystery objects during this drop-in session! See if you can figure out what each of this replica Bronze Age artefacts were used for. More Information

Drop-In Workshop: Viking Artefact Detective

11:30am - 1pm, Thursday 4th August, Families 7+
2.30pm - 4pm, Wednesday 10th August, Families 7+
10.30am - 1pm, Thursday 18th August, Families 7+

Drop-In to the Learning Resource Room at the Museum and learn how to think like an archaeologist by solving our puzzle. Look and handle our Viking replica artefacts and figure out what they are and how they were used. More information.

Drop-In Workshop: Summer Sun Discs

11:30am-1pm, Thursday 21st July, Families 7+

In Early Bronze Age Ireland, people made beautiful gold discs that looked like the sun. Drop in to find out more about these precious objects and make your own shining sun disc! More Information

Exhibition: Glendalough: Power, Prayer and Pilgrimage

All Ages
From a tenth century woman’s leather shoe lost in a Glendalough bog to the decorated pin of an eleventh century bishop praying on the windswept mountainside these objects and their stories are carefully cared for at the National Museum of Ireland and are on exhibition for the first time in Glendalough: Power, Prayer and Pilgrimage. More Information

Exhibition: Colmcille: Sacred objects of a Saint - 1500 years of devotion

All Ages

This exhibition celebrates of one of Ireland’s three patron saints on the 1500th anniversary of his birth, through a selection of famous artefacts associated with him. More Information
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7.

Exhibition: Down to Earth - Exploring Ireland's Geology

All Ages

Down to Earth, Exploring Ireland's Geology is an exhibition on the geology of Ireland that tells the story of how scientists have developed their understanding of our planet over the last 175 years.

Drop-in Activity: Meet a Geologist

10am - 5pm, Every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, All Ages

Do you have an rock that you would like to have identified? Or a query about quartz that you would like answered? Drop-in to Down to Earth - Exploring Ireland's Geology exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History and meet a geologist. More Information

Gallery Trail: Soldiers and Chiefs - Who is a Hero?

Have fun, learn and be inspired at the Museum. Explore themes within the Soldiers & Chiefs exhibition with one of four activity booklets specially designed for families. More Information

Exhibition: Asgard

All Ages

From her building in 1905 by Colin Archer, the celebrated Norwegian naval architect, to her pivotal role in the 1914 Howth gun-running and her later use as Ireland’s first national sail-training vessel, the yacht has had many incarnations. Discover the historic Asgard yacht. Learn about the 1914 Howth Gun Running & Irish Volunteers. Meet Erskine Childers & Roger Casement. More Information

Exhibition: Little Houses

All Ages

Little Houses is an exhibition of artworks created through a collaborative partnership between the Stoneybatter Youth Service and the National Museum of Ireland. The artworks were created by young people from the community close to Collins Barracks during the series of Lockdowns since March 2020. The exhibition is a visual record of their experiences of the pandemic and its impact on the community, and wider society. More Information
National Museum of Ireland - Country Life, Castlebar, Mayo

Exhibition: Our Irish Chair: Tradition Revisited

All Ages

Our Irish Chair: Tradition Revisited gives visitors the chance to see a special group of Irish chairs, which have been collected by the Museum for almost a century. This is the first time the Museum's full collection of 16 of these three-legged chairs has gone on display together. More Information

Tour: Our Public Tour is Back!

All Ages

Join one of our panel of freelance guides on a tour of the Museum Galleries, Turlough Park House and Woodland Gardens every Saturday and Tuesday for the months of July and August at 2pm and 3pm. No booking required. More Information

Gallery Trail: Find Peadar the Pygmy Shrew!

All Ages

There is a range of free activity sheets and museum trails available from reception. One trail challenges children (and grown-ups!) to find Peadar the Pygmy Shrew who is hiding at various locations in the galleries. Click on the link balow for a wide range of resources which you can use at the museum or at home. More Information

Visit Turlough Park House

All Ages

Visit historic Turlough Park House, located just next to the main museum galleries. This Victorian Gothic mansion dates to 1865. It was the ancestral home of the Fitzgeralds, an influential family of landowners with an interesting history in the region. More Information

Outdoor Activity: Go Wild in the Woodland Playground

Opened in 2018, the natural woodland playground is scenically located and a great place to blast off some energy. Have fun on the swings, slides, playhouses, monkey bars and natural stone climbing steps. More Information

Enjoy a coffee & sweet treat in our Courtyard Cafe

Serving hot and cold snacks, breakfast, lunch, homemade desserts, ice creams and speciality teas and coffees, the café is open Sunday and Monday, 12noon to 5pm and  Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. The Museum Café is the perfect place to relax and refresh during your visit to the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life. If the weather is nice, visitors can also enjoy the outdoor seating area in the courtyard. More Information
National Museum of Ireland - Natural History Merrion Street, Dublin 2
While the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History is closed for important building works, explore the fascinating collections with some short 'Museum at Home' activities.


Summer Activities with NMI - Natural History: Camouflage

Curious about camouflage? This summer learn about the different animals at the Museum that use camouflage to hide, with these fun 'Museum at Home' activities!. More Information

Summer Activities with NMI - Natural History: Ireland's Marine Biodiversity

At the Museum you can see all the different marine animals found around the Irish coastline, including some very large whales, dolphins and sharks! Try out these fun 'Museum at Home' activities this summer and learn about some of Ireland's marine biodiversity on display at the Museum. More Information

Don’t forget you can also find your favourite animal on display with a self-guided online tour of the Museum using the 3D Virtual Visit 

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