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Summer Family Programme of Handling and Activity Workshops at the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

Drop-in handling workshops in the Learning Resource Room at the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology is delighted to present an exciting programme of drop-in handling and activity workshops specially designed for families to enjoy this summer. 

From secrets in ogham stones to handling Viking replica artefacts, solving Bronze Age puzzles to creating your own megalithic art, there is something to keep everyone entertained on a family day out to the Museum throughout the summer months.

All events are free and no booking is required. These events will take place in the Learning Resource Room, first floor, at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology on Kildare Street, and are not wheelchair accessible.

Drop into the Learning Resource Room and meet with our Museum Educators who will have an array of replica artefacts from Stone Age Ireland for you to pick up and examine. Discover our Mesolithic fishtrap, flint scrapers and arrowheads, and prehistoric clay pots. FIND OUT MORE

Learn about the different designs, patterns and shapes that people in Stone Age Ireland used to decorate megalithic tombs, just like Newgrange. FIND OUT MORE

See and handle a collection of replica artefacts from Bronze Age Ireland, and discover what objects people were making and using at this time. FIND OUT MORE

Try to solve the puzzle of some mystery replica Bronze Age objects during this drop-in session and see if you can figure out what each of them were used for. FIND OUT MORE

Find our more about Viking Dublin! Take a look at Viking swords and axes used for raiding, a Viking brass scales for trading, and clothes worn by men and women who lived and settle in Viking Dublin. FIND OUT MORE

Think like an archaeologist by solving our puzzle. Look and handle our Viking replica artefacts and figure out what they are and how they were used. FIND OUT MORE

Find out more about the lives of people in Early Medieval Ireland. During this handling workshop, discover replicas of jet crosses from Yorkshire, early medieval leather shoes, and brooches for cloaks and clothes. FIND OUT MORE

Explore ogham writings on early medieval ogham stones, the earliest form of writing found in Ireland. Create a secret message and make your own mini ogham stone to take home. FIND OUT MORE

Browse more upcoming events and exhibitions at the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

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