Cooper Sherman

"During lockdown I could not go to the beach which I love to do when I visit my grandparents in Galway. When it was lifted in the summer I went camping at the beach with my parents. I also visited my grandparents and got to go buggy boarding with my Mammy. I hope to see my grandparents soon and visit the beach, even if it’s not sunny."

Tracy Cummins

"My house will be titled 'Derelict' and it will say 'Vibrant and cheerful on the outside but slowly deteriorating on the inside. We try our hardest to portray to others that we are making the best of it, but inside the textiles are fraying, the walls are crumbling and the lights are going out. Mental health is so important and we must not forget to check on our neighbours, our family and friends."

Tristan Barks

"Happy and cheerful on the outside and inside, just like my personality"