Tanya McEntagart

"My board is a very much a true representation of my life during lockdown. I spent a lot of time on my hobbies, which includes knitting. I watched countless box sets on TV and my partner baked me so many cakes! One of things I missed most was my family. They are represented by my two grandchildren the only way I could see them, through the window."

Hazel Birmingham

"Hi I'm Hazel and this is my favourite part of my bedroom. During Covid, I couldn't see my friends, but I had fun playing with them online and doing Zooms. I was also lucky to have my cats Fluffy and Fluffball for company."

Frank McKenna

"It’s my bedroom and bunk bed. I’m lying in bed dreaming about myself playing football. I usually go to Boh’s football training every Saturday morning but I couldn’t during lockdown. I really missed it. The little white thing is my favourite teddy ‘Sheepy’."