Isabella Kavanagh

Irina Pampareu

"In my board I wanted to express what I have been feeling during last year's lockdown. Isolated, scared, lost, alone, depressed and without a clear sight for my future. Losing myself and a year of my youth. From the whole world only seeing what's from my window and 5km. Forgetting the smiles of people and only seeing only their worried eyes. Missing the warm hugs and friendly handshakes and forgetting the smell of fresh air through a 3 layer surgical mask. My hands being burned and dry from the constant hand sanitizer. The saddest is the birthdays spent all alone with family without ice-skating, entertainment and zoos. Even the sunsets and sunrises have turned a different colour. I miss St. Patrick's parade. I want all of this to be over soon and to come back to our normal lives, without having to book an appointment to Penney's and doing church mass online. I feel like I'm not in control of my own life."

Eimhin Crilly