LJ Fennell Tonoco

"I made my house with my family. At first I didn’t want to do it, I was never in the mood. Then my sister Alisha started it and we all got stuck in and really enjoyed it. The bits I did were the mask, the bike, my Dad’s car and Alisha did the guitar which I am learning. I also put my friends in it, they are important to me. My Mam also help a lot. My Dad did the basketball. It was fun."

Asia Procopia

"Lockdown made time stand still, and everything really boring, but TV shows and movies keep it going."

Ivy Yan

"This little house I made in quarantine. It was full of things I did during it. During quarantine I started playing Pubg and all the tiny figures I made were from when i was bored in quarantine. There is a lot of things about school because we had to do everything online."