Mya Keogh Hendrick

Colourful wall and red window!

"This is me with Lily and Max. We went to Mars to escape Covid, you can see Mars outside the window. We brought our pet bunny Bo with us and we were all safe there. I love Mars. If Covid comes back I want to go to Mars to live and bring my family with me."

Marta Stefan

"My piece is my living room it represents what I did during lockdown. I spent a lot of time on the SOFA with my family. Sometimes I had nothing to do so this was the scene. We stayed in too much together, but we all got on well. We went on a lot of walks together but I really missed my friends."

Manase Stefan

"My sister helped me to make a baby seat. We have a nephew called Yanis who is only one and a half years old. Yanis comes to stay with us a lot and that is why I made the seat for him. I hope you like it."