Self-directed Visit (no guide)

At the Museum

If you would like to visit the Museum without a guide (or before/after your tour or workshop), we offer a variety of resources to help you navigate the exhibition with your students. All self-guided groups must book in advance, bookings can be made by using our online form.

Self Directed Visits

Please note that all group visits must be pre-booked. Groups who arrive unnannouced may not be able to access galleries as groups who book will be given precedence. Contact us to make a booking.  Follow these steps on how to get the most out of a self-directed visit.

In The Classroom

This section is still in development - we are working with teachers to make this section as useful and relevant as possible. We welcome any suggestions you might have, please contact us.

In the classroom, there are several follow up activities you can do with your class to continue The Way We Wore topic.

We suggest:

  • Brainstorming - Ask your students to brainstorm ideas for a fashion exhibition that best represents their school. Discuss ideas like what items of clothing are popular today and why?
  • Working together - Your students can each bring in an item of clothes, which they can analyse in groups. Working in teams, they can discuss the material: shape: value: style: colour: function
  • For more tips, see our guide on how to plan a visit.


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