'Ireland Land Of Beauty'

Poster from 1930-1949


Ireland. Land of Beauty. Great Southern Rys (Ireland)

Signed Walter Till. c.1930. The background of this photograph is heavily touched-up, though the women appear to be less so. It is unusual in being a monochrome from this era. There is a certain admiration conveyed for the beauties who were obviously strong as well.


Ireland Connemara

Signed Walter Till. c.1930. The company caption has been cut from the bottom of this poster which is based on the photograph in F:2007:84. Many poster artists based their paintings on photographs.


Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Great Southern Rys. (Ireland)

Signed G.H. Bland. 1930s. This poster involved only a limited number of lithographic impressions and the colour scheme has little subtlety of tone. The composition lacks interest. The font is open and unadorned however.


Ireland. Come Back to Erin. Tar arais go h-Éirinn

1930s. An appeal to Irish Americans to revisit the old country in this era of the ocean liner. The scene chosen was not a very striking one and also lacks human interest. The song of the same name was made popular by the Irish tenor John Mc Cormack.


Come to Ulster. Travel by Anchor Line. Londonderry or Belfast

c.1930. The walkers would not be out of place in Nordic right-wing propaganda of the time. The well-groomed woman’s footwear looks a bit flimsy for the terrain.


Dingle Peninsula Kerry Ireland for Holidays. London Midland and Scottish Railways

Signed Paul Henry. 1930s. Henry (1876-1958) was a Belfastman. Some of his posters were bestsellers in their own time and it is easy to see why. He is one of Ireland’s most famous and accomplished landscape artists. However, his work has been criticised for being repetitive.


Come to Ulster for a Better Holiday. Ulster Tourist Development Association

Signed Paul Henry. This striking poster is a large ‘quad royal’ poster. The scene is Fair Head, County Antrim. The UTDA was originally set up as a voluntary body in the 1920s but secured state funding in the mid 1930s. It remained in existence until 2002.


Lough Derg Ireland for Holidays. British Railways

Signed Paul Henry. 1949. This was a best selling poster in an earlier London Midland and Scottish Railways version from 1927. Copies of Henry’s posters are on widespread sale to this day.


Ireland. Fly Irish Air lines. Aer Lingus. Aerlinte Eireann

Leonard Beaumont. c.1948. A very simple treatment using a black and white photograph, it compares unfavourably with posters derived from paintings. If Aer Lingus used their Irish language name at this time, they were aiming at the European market and not the American one (as in F:2007.90).


American Airlines. Ireland

Signed E. McKnight-Kauffer. 1948. This artist was born in Montana in 1890. He later studied in Paris, sponsored by Professor McKnight whose name he adopted in gratitude. He went to London in 1914 and produced posters for GWR and London Transport. He returned to USA in 1940 and died in 1954. This is a late example of his work and is a very well balanced composition in a cartoon style.