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'L'Irlande Pour Vos Vacances'

Posters from 1960-1979


Paysage de Connemara. Paysage de Connemara d’apres Paul Henry RHA. Irlande pour vos Vacances

Sabena Belgian airlines also issued a version with French caption like this. The reduced size of the landscape takes from its impact as a poster.


Ireland by CIE

Signed Curran. c.1960. A charming poster because of the human detail in particular. Aimed at the North American market, the medieval ruin (Blarney Castle) can be viewed from the comfort of the touring ‘Banana’ Coach, which had distinctive colouring and upholstery.


Boston. Aer Lingus. Irish Airlines

Piet Sluis. c.1960. Aer Lingus not only wanted to attract visitors to Ireland, but also to encourage Irish people to go abroad on its airplanes. Posters were produced for many of its destinations in Europe and America and drew on the stereotypes of those places. The cartoon style of this and other Sluis posters brought a comedic appeal to the foreign place. The simplified shapes were suitable for the medium of this screenprint.


Ireland. Connemara Landscape from the original by Paul Henry RHA

This poster was made available by Bord Fáilte Éireann (the Irish Tourist Board), to different companies like airlines and was issued into the 1970s. This is a Bord Fáilte version with company shamrock logo.