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Visitor Response Board - 'Migrant Women Shared Experiences'

Over 500 Visitor Responses

In the exhibition Migrant Women – Shared Experiences visitors were asked to imagine they had to move from their country, how would they feel and what would they bring with them. The answers were written on a postcard and hung on a response board for other visitors to see.

How would you feel?

The graph below shows the emotion faces that visitors selected on the postcard. They include very happy, happy, sad, angry and mixed emotions.

Visitors also wrote the following words to describe how they would feel. The larger the word in the word cloud the more it was used.


What would you bring with you?

On the back of the postcard visitors were asked 'What would you bring with you?'.

 The word cloud below shows all the responses used. Some are more practical than others and reflect the range of ages that responded and what items are important to the visitor. 

What country are you from?

Just over half of the visitors who used the response board at the museum answered this question. Thirty nine different countries are represented. You can view all these countries on the  Response Board Country Map.

Migrant Response board map

Over 500 responses...

There were over five hundred responses on the Response Board in the Migrant Women - Shared Experiences exhibition. It gave visitors the opportunity to empathise with someone who has to move from their home. It was also a chance to take time out and reflect on the theme of the exhibition.