The Art of History

Images of Irish town life in the 1820s by Sampson Towgood Roch (1757-1847)

art of history

A Touring Exhibition from the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

This exhibition features watercolours selected from a sketch book in the collections of the Ulster and Transport Museum. These beautiful paintings are by the noted Irish painter of portrait miniatures, Sampson Towgood Roch. They date from c.1824 and portrays everyday life in Waterford City and Dungarvan, county Waterford, and to a lesser degree, Dublin and England. They give a fascinating insight into the life of ordinary people in an urban setting in pre-famine Ireland.

the art of history

There are not many images of ordinary Irish people (as distinct from the wealthy) from the early nineteenth century and before it. That alone makes this a very important collection. The images are full of detail on the clothing, objects, crafts, vehicles and food of people at that time, which increases their value and interest.

Apart from their historical importance, the images have a real charm as works of art in their own right too.