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Niamh Barry Light on Earth

This exhibition celebrates the sculptural lighting of internationally renowned Irish artist Niamh Barry

Niamh at work in her studio

I aspire to make work that transcends utility. I strive for simplicity and perfection, relying almost wholly on visual balance, movement and proportion’ - Niamh Barry 2018

Niamh Barry - Light on Earth, 2018


Fouette, 2009-2010

For the past 20 years artist and designer Niamh Barry has transformed the boundaries of sculptural lighting, focusing on balance, movement and line. Her name is synonymous with lighting design and sculptural lighting both nationally and internationally.

Gesture II, 2018

Barry’s signature works are ceiling-suspended and free standing sculptural forms, which dominate the surrounding space. They are composed of interlocking bronze or stainless steel forms, in which are embedded tiny hand-cut strips of LEDs.

Propulsion, 2018

The exhibition coincides with a significant donation into the National Museum of Ireland collections of the prototype of Barry’s Fouette series. This exhibition examines the story of Niamh’s work, the diversity of the pieces and her dynamic style.  After exhibiting in London, San Francisco and New York The National Museum of Ireland are delighted to present the Niamh Barry Light on Earth exhibition. This exhibition runs for the duration of 2019, and will coincide with a number of themed events throughout the year.

En Pointe Table no. II, 2010

Location: Niamh Barry Light on Earth is located in the Four Centuries of Furnishings Gallery