Discovery Zone

A hands-on area for practical learning about natural history

This area has two mobile Discovery Carts, covering different themes.

Person smelling the pilot whale skull

Discovery Cart 1: Life on Land

How do birds beaks fit their lifestyle? Why do most mammals live on land? Answers to these questions can be found by handling the Cart's various skulls and creepy crawlies.

The animals in this mobile unit include:

  • Badger
  • Spoonbill skull
  • Tarantula
  • Common terrestrial insects
  • Golden eagle skull
  • Raven skull

Discovery Cart 2: The Life Aquatic

Aquatic objects such as skulls are grouped in themes such as Irish sea mammals and freshwater insects.

The animals in this mobile unit include:

  • Pilot Whale skull
  • Dolphin skull
  • Common freshwater insects
  • Common Seal skull
  • Dolphin’s pentadactyl limb